Berachot 6:4-5

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In the first Mishnah, we mentioned that there is a rule of precedence even within the shivat ha'minim and that this was dependant on how close they are to the word eretz in the pasuk. The example used was olives and barley. In practice however, since the beracha for barley is mostly mezonot or ha'motzi its beracha would then nonetheless come before olives'.

Another exception to the rule of precedence based on the word eretz is with dates and grapes. Dates are closer to the second eretz than grapes are to the first. Yet, if we are dealing with wine, since its beracha is boreh pri ha'gafen it would come first. (See the Shulchan Aruch (211:4) and the Mishnah Berurah there.)

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